This review may contain spoilers.

I thought this was absolutely terrific. Angela Bassett gave an Oscar-worthy performance and given the pivot that must have been made given the tragic death of Chadwick, the story felt seamless to me. The tributes they paid were touching and emotional, the building up of Shuri and Riri were great alongside the stalwarts of Okoye and Nakia (played by Lupita who was terrific and stunning as well). 

The only thing this movie needed less of was white people and Marvel tie-ins. I really enjoyed the Namor/Aztec background story they created for the film and Huerta played Namor terrifically, as one of the better Marvel villains, better than Killmonger even?

The last battle did seem to have some stilted timing things going on and there were a couple odd character decisions in the middle, but I’ll forgive them for that. 

It sucks that it takes having to be Marvel to get an epic story of Afro-futurism and Aztec-futurism (is that a thing?) made in Hollywood because it’s really just the Marvel aspects holding this film back.